Rideshare Inspection

Hi there and welcome to Lyftinspection.net. Now, when you join with Lyft or Uber, it’s pretty much the same procedure, right. You can upload your documents directly from your app or you could go to one of their hubs. Unfortunately Lyft doesn’t have many go-to offices. So, they do have inspection stations, which means you’ll probably meet with one of the more advanced drivers who go over your car and then later down the line, if you car needs to be re-inspected, they will give you a list of qualified and certified inspection mechanics, right. So, what’s important is that your car is super clean inside and out, that at least your tires, that’s the first thing that they look at, that the tires are decent, air conditioning works, windows work, window wipers work, your horn works. It’s just the basics that they go over. It’s a sheet, you can download it online and you can take it with you to that a mechanic work or to that inspection station and then they will go over it and then pass you or fail you. Most of the time, 98% of the time you will be passed especially if you have a brand new vehicle, it’s a breeze right. But if your car is really dinged-up, has scratches or so is a very, very good chance that they may fail you. So, if you have any other questions, I’m available 365. I’m known as the Rideshare Professor, you can go to rideshareprofessor.com and get tons and tons of great videos that will show you how to make 20 to 30% more in the rideshare business, guaranteed. If you need to know how to get your bonus or you guarantee when you join with Lyft or with Uber, please feel free to reach out to me with any questions that you may have. That’s the one thing where I set myself apart from any other drivers. I’ve helped literally hundreds and hundreds of drivers become top top rated drivers with the highest earnings. I myself, I have 27 cars in my fleet. I rent out vehicles. So every Tuesday, I meet with all my driver’s. I hear all the stories. There’s nothing really that I haven’t heard that I can maybe translate for you or help you with. So have a fantastic day. Drive safe out there and feel free to reach out to me, thank you.

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